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Gold Hair Games. Would you like to be prettier about your hair? Do you want to learn how to prepare different
hairstyles? Do you want to know how to use a pair of scissors, brush, hair irons, or hair dyes of different colors?
Or do you want to play funny games with hair dressers? Choose a game in the side menu or from the pictures.


Hair cutting games

Total drama - online hairdresser game

Total drama

What a strange couple! Anyway, a hairdresser can't be picky, but cut anyone's hair who asks and pays for it.

You want a unique hairstyle for Halloween?


What kind? No matter: you have to go to the beauty salon in November, too anyway.

Hairstyles for girls

Hairstyles for girls

If you want to cut your hair, start the process with washing it, to get rid of any hindrances.

Elf real hair cutting


Let's see what we can do with this hairdo - maybe we should trim it here a little, like this.

Beautiful braided hair


Sometimes it takes a long time to create a truly brilliant hair weaving, but you'll see how much they are going to praise it.

Fashionable hair color for girls


Do you like going to the hairdresser? Some must keep talking during a haircut, and the hairdresser can't tell them kindly to be quiet for just a while.

Young hairdresser


You can find a good hairdresser in the hall of almost any good hotel, and it is often very useful during vacation to have someone close by who can fix your hair.

Baby hair salon


As the little ones grow their hair sooner or later, they must be taken to the hairdressers. Who ever cut the hair of children knows it is no easy task.

Hair salon cleaning game


This has been a long and difficult day, a lot of customers came to the barber shop, but it still has to be cleaned up. We can't receive news customers in the morning in such a mess.

Hairstyling tips


Finally spring is here, the cold winter was getting very boring. Nature comes to life once again, spring is my favorite time of the year.

Frozen Anna - styles for long hair

styles for long hair

Combing and washing hair - when you're done with it, let's make a nice hair for Anna.

Anna braided hairdo


Amaizingly wonderful braided hair can be created from long hair and not just for weddings or theater. Come, try it on Anna's hair!

Cute braided hairstyles for girl


Go to school with braided hair, you'll see, all of your classmates will praise your hair, and if someone is jealous that's their problem.

Top hairstyles 2014 - World Cup

World Cup

Can a girl be a football fan? Of course, I just love football, I even go to the matches.

Cute baby haircuts game


Mothers know washing and cutting a kids hair is often not that simple. Often a funny shower head or colored shampoo can be enough for happiness.

New hair styles

New hair styles

The task is to make four different, stunning hairdos.

Virtual hairdresser

Virtual hairdresser

Do not hesitate and use a good amount of shampoo. For such a magificent head of hair one drop is really not enough.

Hair cutting creator


A real hair salon with everything you need: hair cut, shampoo and curling.

Bathing and hair cutting


If you work with toddlers you first have to hand them some toys to calm them down before you can get started with your work.

Princess hair cutting game


Online hair salon not only for blondes but for everyone seeking new, beautiful and fancy hairdos.

Perfect hair styler online saloon

online saloon

Rachel, Stella, Jesse - online wellness and spa hotel game for girls. Pampering massage and beauty salon.

Online barber shop for kids


Jaenne's online hairdresser, can you help a bit? Not hard at all, you will even enjoy it.

Realistic hairdo


In the game you can choose from countless hairstyles and shapes. Try out what fits best who!

Barbie Hairdresser studio

Barbie studio

You have 9 seconds to memorize the hairstyle of this girl on the picture exactly as it is. Observe every little detail, color, style, everything.

Dora hairstyling

Dora hairstyling

Dora the explorer with long hair? But didn't I always see her on TV with short hair? Ok, ok, but those episodes were made quite a few years ago.

Spongebob online fun haircutting game


SpongeBob, permanent joker of Bikini Bottom goes to the hairdresser. Of course, the funny yellow sponge giggles silly as always. But you will laugh too when you see his hair!

Perfect Hair date


In the top left corner you can see a small picture of a girl and her hairstyle. All you have to do is to give a close look and then try to copy her hair as exactly as you can. You'll see, is not always as easy for a hairdresser as it seems.

Virtual game - online hair beauty salon


Please choose from the 12 faces, and carefully notice the appropriate hairdo. For some you need scissors , for some a curler or a hairdryer will be enough.

Professional hairdresser

professional hairdresser

Virtual hair dressing game for kids. If you want to become a professional hairdresser, you have just found a perfect teaching game.

Baby Hair Care

Baby Hair

It is uneasy to keep a child interested at a hairdresser, not to move and fidget or squirm all the time.

Crazy real haircutting

crazy real haircutting

Choose Max or Julia, then make his/her hair! It is a crazy real haircutting!

Magic haircutting game

magic haircutting game

Do the girls hairdo as they want! You are the hairdresser! Be careful and handy!

Hair cutting game

hair cutting game

In this game you can make to the girl a hair as you want! You can cut down the girl’s hair or dye and climb it!

Cutting fun hair

fun cutting hair

In this hair cutting game you can do in a moment very attractive, spectacular or funny hairs!

Free hair cutting game

free hair cutting game

Three girlfriends hang out together and go to the salon, to make for themselves new hairs. After you have choose the hairstyle which you like.

Online games for girls

hair cut game

The hair cutting is an important part of the haircutting. But to be beautiful you have to some things: for example makeup and nice clothes.

How to make hairdo

How to make

In the first part of the game you can make a hairdo in multiple steps. When you're ready, don't forget about the stylish clothes either.

Braiding long hair


Variations for braiding long hair: choose the one you like the most from the 3 styles shown on the photos.

SUBWAY hair dresser


Here you can choose from a wide range of hair care products. Choose whatever you like, and use them in optional order - the result is the only thing that counts.

Curls hair - online girl game


I've had straight hair for such a long time - it is time to try a different hairdo.

Frozen Anna hairdressing and makeup game

Frozen Anna hairdressing

A little haircut? What do you say? It's no problem if you want to be a hairdresser when you grow up, let's try it out, maybe you'll get to like it.

The big hair trend


A ballerina must pay attention not only to the moves, but her hair and dress should also be perfect.

Real hair cutting Cinderella


The Sleeping Beauty can finally go to the ball, she already has the dress and the shoes. She only has trouble with her hair. What do you think would look nice for her?

Hairdresser inspiration


Please have a seta, we await those who want to look nice with a decade of experience and excellent hair care products.

Baby Emma children games for girls


Little Emma goes to the hairdressers today. Last time they were here she had a really playful time in the hairdressers chair, so today they brought her favorite toys as well.

The bearded guy


Comb, hairdryer, curling iron and a lot of hair dye, lets create and original hairstyle.

Rapunzel Princess top styles

Rapunzel Princess

Hair sticking up, oh my, how will this come to be a nice hairstyle. Let's see, what to start with, perhaps the comb is a good idea.

Trendy wedding hairstyles


The wedding hairdresser must be carefully chosen, after all she can't say the hair done on the morning of the wedding didn't turn out so well.

School hairfashion

School hairfashion

Beautiful long blonde hair, you know what, we'll make you a great hair. Choose the one you like best from these three.

Celeb fashionable hair color

What hairstyle would fit a Hollywood actress? We entirely leave this to you, come on, make a classy hair.

Bride hairstyles


Rinse that long hair thoroughly. Use the mouse and listen to the commands.

Elsa's beautiful

Elsa's beautiful

A huge, blonde crown of hair. Elsa's beautiful hair is stunning.

Little Ariel

Little Ariel

Time travelling: now you have the opportunity to make little Arielle's hair.

Elsa Frozen

Elsa Frozen

Do not only use the traditional techniques when working. Come up with some new hairdos, be brave!

Fun beauty salon

Fun beauty

It is not really easy to work with children. If you try to make their hair it is useful to have a teddy bear, a puppy dog or some kind of toy nearby to distract them while you do your job.

Ballerina creations

Ballerina creations

What can a ballerina do if she wants to keep her long hair? She needs to find different hair-braiding techniques so to have a comfortable hairdo while dancing.

Free hairdo for girls


Blond little girl, would you like a new hair? Then just sit in this chair and we will make it for you in a few seconds.

Miracle coiffure


Extremely long, straight blonde hair - you've already figured out who this is, haven't you? It's child's play to make a wonderful hairstyle from hair this long.

Little baby in the bathtub

bathtub game

Little Daisy's hair has grown a lot. This haircutting can be postponed no further. Let's start with a nice bath and then let's get to it.

Cute Princess Hair saloon

Princess Hair

Shampoo, shower, drying, ironing, fixing. If you don't get bored of hair-games, you'll surely make a great hairdresser.

Hairstylist game for girls

for girls

Hey look, a new customer arrived at your hairdressing saloon. We have a tip for success: always be nice to customers and do your job good and fast.

Easy haircuts game for kids


The carnival season is coming, let's see what we can make of a beautiful blonde hair. First, we need a thorough washing and drying. Then we can choose a style.

Hair colours - Change her hairstyle


Give that girl a completely new look! Change her hairstyle, choose a new lipstick, a funky dress and she will look like a different person.

Free hair makeover game

online hairdresser

An online hairdresser game. You need to be very skilled for this! Look carefully at the hair of the person in the photo. Look also into the smallest details. Compete with your computer! Will you be faster in copying the image?

Good hairdo - good hairdresser

sofia salon

A good hairdo cheers up everyone. And a good hairdresser can always show new, each can look years younger with a good haircut.

New Hairdos


So, how do you like your new haircut. I told you my hairdresser does miracles. It's not a coinsidence I'm at her for 5 years now.

Hannah Montana real haircuts

hannah montana haircutting

It is a pro haircutting game. Try it! Hannah Montana want a new hair. Make a hairdo for her!

Cut and colour game

cut and color hair game

Choose a hairstyle from the numbers! Then make the hair step by step with the tools. You can find the tools down.

Cutting hair game

cutting hair game free

First choose a scissors in the game. Than click to the hair styling tools, which sign with arrows, and do the super hairdo!

3D haircutting game

3d haircutting

It’s a 3D haircutting game, when you can rotate the girl with the chair, so you can see the girl’s hair from different sides. during the hair cutting.

Cut girls hair game

cut girls hair game

Hair washing, showering, hair drieing? It’s general in a salon. But it might be the game end, when you don’t use the correct tools!


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